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Exclusive Offer, New Patients Receive Free Consultation.

New Patient Form

New Patient Health History Form - Required for those not being seen for a PI, Work Comp, or Auto Accident

This lets us know the history and current state of your health. What questions, concerns, goals, regarding wellness can we help you with? Let us know! ?

We are also including a wellness form.

These days, it's in the news all the time. It's the growing interest in what's called "wellness." Hometown Chiropractic are on the forefront of this new way of looking at health.

Wellness is being fully optimized in the seven dimensions of life, physically, financially, family, socially, career, spiritual and mentally. We represent this as seven spokes in a wheel.

The foundation of true wellness is an optimally functioning nervous system. We find that when the spine and nervous system is working better, it tends to improve every other aspect of one's life.

I've enclosed a copy of a new tool we're using in our office to assess each practice member's overall wellness. I urge you to give some thought to your health in these seven areas. As you do, I encourage you to drop in for a chiropractic checkup and help us help you be the best you that you can be!

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