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Family Friendly

Do you know that feeling that you get when you take your kids to an appointment or out to a restaurant? That feeling like you wish everybody would hurry up because your kids only have a certain time to behave before they get bored and start to wander and misbehave.

Ever been to a doctor's office where they had a little play area but as soon as it was time for the parent to be seen the kids had to leave the play area and sit in the exam room. How does that usually workout?

Or even worse, what if the office doesn't even have a playroom?

We have designed our office around what works for our family. What is that?
    • A large playroom for all ages of kids
    • A family environment where kids want to be there and may not want to leave
    • An understanding staff that deal with any situation
    • Appropriate toys and television programs

Dr. Walton and his staff will treat your children like they treat their own. We want our clinic to be the clinic that we would take our family to.